Meet Matt!

Every month the RLounge is host to a number of live events, and this March is no different.  You can find the full list of the RLounge March events and performances here.  Starting in January we here at the Renaissance Chicago North Shore decided that in 2017 we want introduce our guests to new performers in addition to our returning favorites. This March we’d like to introduce you to  Matt Feddermann.

Stop By Thursday, March 9th from 7 to 11pm to hear Matt Fedderman.

Matt Fedderman is a singer songwriter who grew up right here in Lincolnshire. Matt started his career in music  behind the scenes working as a producer,  a promoter, and a songwriter for other artists.  It wasn’t until 2010 that Matt started performing himself. Matt has performed locally all across Chicago, including at the House of Blues, Metro, and Double Door. We, at the Renaissance Chicago North Shore, are thrilled to have him performing with us  Thursday March 9th from 7 to 11 pm.

Matt’s sound is largely inspired by the sounds of early Tom Petty and The Beatles. It is Matt’s ability to take these rock influences and fuse them with his acoustic style which makes his sound both melodic and inspiring. To create a sound that is uniquely his own, Matt’s  blends acoustic folk, rock,  and blues with a hint of alternative country. In July of 2016 Matt released “Life in Whiskey Junction” his new EP.  This EP represents his Americana style. With this EP Matt stepped away from the current trend of highly produced music opting instead for a rougher less polished sound. He credits his inspiration for this departure in sound to the town of Highwood where he currently resides. We know that like us once you hear his unique music you too will become a fan of Matt Fedderman.

Visiting Chicago this March? Reserve a room at the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel.


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